NTD UK News Full Broadcast (July 8)

Sir Keir Starmer made his first visit to Northern Ireland since becoming prime minister. He said his party would work on resetting relations and ending the instability between the UK and the Republic of Ireland. He also met with leaders in Scotland and Wales.

The new chancellor, Rachel Reeves, says she is prepared for short-term political pain to get Britain building again. She announced major changes to speed up infrastructure projects and unlock private investment, including reform of the national planning policy.

A Russian missile strike badly damaged Kyiv’s main children’s hospital, forcing child patients, staff, and parents outside. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy vowed to retaliate after the strike killed at least 29 people across the region. Mr. Zelensky is currently visiting Warsaw where he signed a security pact with Poland.

France is reeling from the surprise win by a left-wing coalition in the final round of parliamentary elections Sunday. Poll-makers had predicted a win for the nationalist group, RN. Political analysts say it could mean the country is ungovernable in the months to come. Some voters feel relief as the National Rally was pushed back to the third place, but others express concerns over policies proposed by the winning left-wing alliance.