Oregon College Offers Wine-Making Degree

By Amy Tang

Starting this year at the Linfield College in Portland, students will be offered a bachelor’s degree in wine-making. A master’s degree is also available in a five-year dual degree program.

According to Greg Jones, Director of Wine Education at the college, this is the first of its kind in the United States.

“How that works is that student would study here for three years and then they would do a one-year study abroad in Europe at a program there that we are partnering with and that one-year study abroad that we accept as their first year of the master’s program in Europe,” explains Greg Jones.

The students will then spend another year studying overseas before completing a combined undergraduate and graduate degree.

Emma Anderson, a student enrolled in the dual degree program, hopes to own a vineyard in the future. She likes the course offered at the Oregon college because it’s well-rounded.

“This honestly was kind of like planets kind of aligning for me cause most schools just offer viticulture route or knowledge year out because they didn’t have a wine background. I wanted to learn all of it together,” says Emma.