Outstanding wushu martial arts performance

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January 11, 2017Entertainment
Outstanding wushu martial arts performance

Wushu is a full-contact sport as well as an exhibition. It has developed in China over the last century in an effort to standardize martial arts in the county.

The insane skills of these Wushu warrior women will leave your jaw on the floor. In an impeccable, and a little frightening, display the martial artists perform a beautiful exhibition of the sport at a contest in East China, with one using a spear and the other using only her hands and skills for defense.

The two women frantically battle it out in a stunning choreography brilliantly executed – though it all appears to be incredibly dangerous.

A woman in yellow has to dramatically dodge out the way of the spear wielded by her opponent in red.

In an astonishingly fast series of moves the woman in yellow avoids all the powerful thrusts defending every attack with incredible speed and precision.