Paralyzed bunny gets mini skateboard as wheelchair

Farm life is not the easiest way live, and sometimes you have to put down an animal, but sometimes you can rescue one. In upstate New York, several bunnies were born in a barn. many did not survive due to the frigid temperatures.

Thanks to Christine Griffith the others were rescued. She took the others inside and bottle fed each of them, and all but one recovered after a few days in the warmth. The one who didn’t seemed to was paralyzed from the belly down.


In most cases this would result in having to put the animal down, but this little fella didn’t seem to be in pain or misery, and was even faster than its siblings. Griffith then decided to get a toy skateboard at the dollar store to help the little guy out.

She modified a tiny wheelchair out of the skateboard and the little bunny is loving it. He is as happy as could be, and even faster!