Parents Should Encourage Children to Accept, Treasure Their Appearance to Prevent Harmful Childhood Obsessions: Expert

Society has placed a certain value on physical appearance, but now there’s a study showing that girls as young as 3 are obsessing over their looks. The Society for Research in Child Development published its findings after interviewing 170 children aged 3 to 5.

Tweens are also showing signs of focusing too much on their appearance. There’s even a new trend called the “Sephora kid.” This is where many preteen girls are now shopping at Sephora and other cosmetics stores, and going all out with skin care products—a phenomenon raising concerns among dermatologists.

NTD speaks with Janna Johnson, a healthy living expert, who blames, in part, the false reality children see when exposed to filters on social media, and suggests that parents should be more active in moderating children’s content and conveying to them that they are beautiful just the way they appear naturally.