Patriot Educates Americans With Build The Wall Tour

Miguel Moreno
By Miguel Moreno
March 19, 2019US News

A float has been traveling the nation since the 2016 election, visiting 48 states: a herald of patriotism, support for the president, and the preservation of American culture. The driver is Robert Cortis, and he has now embarked on his Build The Wall Tour.

The United States is a land of law, so those who want to enter must enter legally, he said in an interview with The Epoch Times. Cortis is on tour to educate people about President Trump’s plan for the nation and the importance of the border wall.

Rob Cortis 发布于 2019年3月15日周五

Many people are misinformed or unaware of President Trump’s accomplishments, according to Cortis. His method of informing people about border security—besides the mammoth Trump Unity Bridge he hauls—is to speak about America’s achievements made during this presidential term. He then talks about the serious problems America faces today.

Up to 29 million illegal immigrants are currently living in the United States, according to researchers affiliated with Yale University, with a mean estimate of 22.1 million out of the range delivered by a mathematical model. Cortis said that he doesn’t like the idea of illegal immigrants using taxpayer money, reaping the rewards of Americans. To him, this was something worth fighting for.

Wherever Cortis goes, he tries to close the gaps between the left and the right. “If people talk about it—they communicate—things get better,” he said.

Park at Trump Tower New York City

Rob Cortis 发布于 2019年3月17日周日

Building the Bridge of Unity

Before the bridge was a symbol for American unity, it was stored in Cortis’s restaurant and used as a unity bridge for people to get married on. During Trump’s presidential run, he was ordered by the city to remove the bridge from his property. That same day he heard the media saying that then-candidate Donald Trump would need to build bridges and unite with different groups in America to win the election.

Trump Unity Bridge BUILD THE WALL TOUR New York City New Jersey and Connecticut tomorrow if you're in the area message me and we can all meet up heading to DC Monday I could use helpers to set up pop-up Rally's from New York in all the states to Florida and then from Florida to Texas and then from Texas to California then from California to Las Vegas then from Las Vegas to Iowa then Iowa to Ohio message me if you want to contact the Harley dealers in a route and set up pit stops or if you want to contact Republican offices in those States or if you feel more comfortable contacting the colleges in our route. I am getting 300 to 500 messages a day by the time I try to read the ones that came in early some of them delete off so I need a few people that help call around the country so we have good turnouts and lots of social media exposure on the trip support President Trump and his agenda for 2020 helping me helps you helping you helps your children and grandchildren and helps America's future so together we can make America better place let's do it

Rob Cortis 发布于 2019年3月16日周六

“I said, ‘You know what? I’m on a mission from God now. I have this bridge—I’m gonna turn it into a Trump Unity Bridge,'” said Cortis. “I went to the salvage yard, found an axle and wheels, got some parts … got some people, and we started making the Trump Unity Bridge.”

The Trump Unity Bridge is a proud and loud message. President Trump’s name crowns the float, “BUILD THE WALL” is its battlement, and “MAKE AMERICA GREAT” underlines the free-floating bridge.

Trump Unity Bridge at state capital of Pennsylvania encouraging Americans to share positive messages on our national Build The Wall Tour

Rob Cortis 发布于 2019年3月16日周六

Flag Stolen in Manhattan

The tour does come with some challenges. As Cortis made his way through Manhattan on March 17, one of the Unity Bridge’s flags was stolen.

He said that a police officer saw the thief and bolted to catch him like a superhero. After the thief was caught, the officer asked Cortis what he wanted to do. Cortis chose to press charges.

“People shouldn’t desecrate the flag is the first and most important thing,” said Cortis. “And the second thing was that he stole my property, which nobody has the right to do.”

The Trumpmobile’s next stop is in Washington.

NTD News reporter Zachary Stieber contributed to this report.

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