Peng Shuai Denies Making Sexual Assault Allegation

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
December 20, 2021China in Focus

The pandemic isn’t the only disease plaguing China. State media outlets are reporting an outbreak of hemorrhagic fever in a northwestern province.

Tennis player Peng Shuai reemerges after vanishing for weeks. But she’s now singing a different tune, walking back on the statement that started it all. Now, she claims she never accused anyone of sexually assaulting her.

Beijing is asking German auto-part maker Continental to turn away from Lithuania. It’s one of dozens of German companies Beijing is trying to sway.

Unease is rippling through many of China’s biggest industries, as tens of thousands lose their jobs. Tech, education, real estate are all hurting and trying to cope with the Chinese regime’s clampdown.

A voice from a Hong Kong activist highlights those willing to fight for democracy—even at great personal risk.

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