People In Austria Comparing Unvaxed Lockdown To ‘Totalitarian Times’

With COVID deaths rising again in Europe, the so-called fifth wave, Austria imposed a new lockdown—this time, only for the unvaccinated. Police were sent out to patrol the streets, checking people’s papers to ensure compliance. Authorities say 15,000 people were stopped in the first 24 hours of the rules that affect some 2 million people, going into effect. 

Reaction against the measures was strong. Austrians, vaccinated and unvaccinated, took to the streets, rejecting a segregated society.

“People in Austria are making comparisons with totalitarian times,” says our guest, Dr. Marcus Franz, a doctor of internal medicine and former member of Austrian Parliament.

Then, five days later, Parliament changed course. A victory? Of sorts. We discuss that development and challenges facing physicians with Dr. Franz.

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