Photographer finds people in his old clicks to recreate the same moments again, the results are magical reunions!

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January 4, 2017Stories
Photographer finds people in his old clicks to recreate the same moments again, the results are magical reunions!

It’s the same people, the same selfie pose – but at a closer look the photo seems to change into a time capsule. Scroll down to see how this photographer did a magical job of recreating some precious shots that he took some 40 years ago.

Re-living the cherished old moment again is something we can desire of but can never make it come true. One photographer, eventually created these Reunions.

A Paramedic and photographer Chris Porsz, from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, spent countless hours taking photographs back in the early ’80’s around his neighborhood and tried for almost seven years to find people in his old photographs to pose again for his new ones. The results are quite magical.

1. Bunch of local “punks” hanging out in the Cathedral Square in Peterborough (’70s).

NTD Photo

Take a look at them now!

I wonder what happened to the girl with cool shades? John, on the far left, still lives in Peterborough. He’s a painter and plays in a band with Ade (middle).NTD Photo

2. A young couple, Tony and Sally Wilmot, share a tender moment at the train station in 1980’s.

NTD Photo

The couple went on to get married and had two children, and they didn’t even know that this picture has been taken until they were contacted by Chris recently.

And even the guard in the background decided to make an appearance…

NTD Photo

3. Pictured here is Jennifer Hall, who worked at a local fruit and vegetable stall at Peterborough Market.

“I think I was about 17 when Chris took my photograph. I was aware that someone was taking my picture at the time but I wasn’t sure who or what it was for,” said Jennifer.NTD Photo

Now married with two children, Jennifer works as a civil servant.

NTD Photo

4. Three sisters sitting in the window behind the curtain on Cromwell Road.

One sister, Shehnaz (seen on far left), said, “We often used to perch in the window and watch what was going on in the road.”
NTD Photo

These three sisters haven’t moved from the town.

Between the three of them the sisters have 12 children now.NTD Photo

5. Here the five boys are running joyfully down the city street to the local chip shop.

NTD Photo

Here are the boys now! all grown up!

The man in the foreground of the photograph, Devinder Singh, moved away to Yorkshire shortly after the original photograph is taken, he is married and has two sons.NTD Photo

6. Sisters Anna (11) and Emma Hankins (13) hanging out and blowing bubbles with gum in 1980.

NTD Photo

Both sisters went on to become hairdressers and are married with families now.

They still haven’t lost their talent for blowing bubbles with the gum!

NTD Photo

7. A group of friends sitting together and having lunch.

NTD Photo

Here they are for a reunion lunch 40 years later.

Juliette, who was originally pictured on the far right, sadly passed away and is replaced by her sister Alison.NTD Photo

8. Tina Tarr and partner Dog dressed up in punk style, they both are about 18 years at that time.

NTD Photo

While they no longer live together, the couple had twins and left the city in the 90’s to pursue travel.

When reflecting on the photograph, Tina said, “I remember the photo being taken, it was a brilliant time. I had different styles of punk hair-do for quite a few years.”NTD Photo

If you’re interested in seeing more of the collection, you can visit Chris Porsz’s website.

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