Ping pong master displays his skill

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January 20, 2017Entertainment
Ping pong master displays his skill

The basic idea of Ping Pong — or table tennis — has remained unchanged for the most part since its origin somewhere in 19th century England. It’s played by two or four people hitting a lightweight ball across a table using a small bat.

Although it is officially know as “Table Tennis,” it had many names over the years: “Whiff Whaff”, “Flim Flam”, “Pim Pam”, and “Gossamer”, are more or less extinct today. Only “Ping Pong” is still commonly used today.

Once this sport was dominated by Europeans, especially in Hungary, France and Sweden. This changed, however, when British soldiers brought it to Asia, and the Japanese introduced a rubber coated paddle. This was the first major change in the game.

Besides the serious sports tournaments, there’s a bunch of trick shots masters like to use to  lighten the mood for intense table tennis matches. Just watch his incredible skills!