Pizza Delivery Employee Shot and Killed by Teen Girl in Indiana: Police
USJack Phillips

A 17-year-old Indiana girl was charged with murder for the shooting deaths of Domino’s employee Joshua Ungersma and her boyfriend.

Jaelynn Billups, the suspect, is accused of shooting and killing Ungersma on the night of Aug. 31, officials said last week. Billups also faces murder charges in the death of her boyfriend Alberto Vanmeter, who tried to rob Ungersma, prosecutors said.

Billups and Vanmeter were attempting to rob Ungersma, who delivered a pizza. Ungersma then shot and killed Vanmeter during the robbery, according to a probable cause witness in the case who was identified as Patrick Gibson, reported the Journal and Courier.

Gibson said he went outside his home in Lafayette near 16th and Hart streets after hearing Ungersma’s shots. Ungersma told him that he was OK but needed the police. When Gibson’s roommate called 911, Billups walked to Ungersma and shot him, Gibson added.

Ungersma died of several gunshot wounds, officials said in the affidavit, according to the paper.

Officials said that Ungersma and Vanmeter were dead when they arrived on the scene, WTHR reported.  They added that upon arrival, Billups was seen tossing a 9 mm handgun to the sidewalk when she was asked to show her hands to police.

“Jaelynn Niree Billups did aid, induce or cause Joshua Ungersma to kill … Alberto Edwardo Vanmetere, while Billups and Vanmetere were committing or attempting to commit robbery,” the affidavit said.

Jaelynn Billups in a police mugshot photo. She was charged with two counts of murder. (Lafayette Police Department)

Prosecutors said Billups ordered a pizza from Domino’s to be delivered to an empty house. She was charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery, theft, pointing a firearm, carrying a handgun without a license, and the two murder charges, officials said.

According to an obituary, Ungersma was the father of a newborn child and stepfather of his wife’s son.

A GoFundMe page was set up to raise money for the family.

“Joshua was such a great man, he saw the good and potential in everyone. With his passing being so tragic and unexpected, i wanted to ask for assistance with covering his funeral expenses. Any help and/ or encouraging words and memories are welcomed and appreciated. Josh’s mother, Sheila Anderson, will be beneficiary of your generous donations. She will ensure that after funeral expenses are covered, your contributions will be put into a trust fund for Sebastian. Thank you for all your love, your caring, and your help,” the page says.

From The Epoch Times