Police Arrest Man Who Shot Two Other Men After Campsite Fight With Girlfriend

By Paula Liu

A man has been arrested after shooting and killing two men. The men intervened in a campground fight the 40-year-old shooter was having with his girlfriend early on the morning of Oct. 19, according to multiple reports.

One of the victims shot died at the scene while another died after being taken to the hospital, according to reports, and the suspect was arrested and charged with criminal homicide along with a few other charges.

“It’s tragic, obviously, to lose two family men to such violence, but it would have been much worse,” Matt Weintraub, the Bucks County District Attorney, said.

Miles K. Jones, 40, was with his girlfriend at the Homestead Family Campgrounds located in West Rockhill Township when they got into an argument, according to a news release issued by the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office.

The news release stated that during the argument, Jones’s girlfriend told him to leave the tent in which they were staying. Jones responded by flipping his girlfriend’s tent over, with her inside.

Arthur Hill was sitting with his sons when they heard the argument between Jones and his girlfriend and went over to try and stop the fight. Jones shoved Hill, and was immediately punched in the face by one of Hill’s sons, according to The Morning Call.

Jones left after being told to calm down, but before leaving, he said to the people watching that they would “pay for this” and threatened the group, according to the news outlet.

Jones came back after 15 minutes, and the other victim, Eric Braxton, told Jones to stay away, but he was pushed away by Jones, who then shot him at close range. After Braxton was shot, Hill and his sons tried to run away, but Hill was shot in the back. Jones kept on shooting, and according to the news release, there were around three to six shots fired during the shootout. According to the news release, Braxton died at the scene.

Hill’s son called the police and was guided by authorities on how to perform CPR on his father. Hill was pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital, according to the news release.

Jones was charged with two counts of homicide as well as 13 counts of reckless endangerment to another person, according to The Morning Call. Each of the 13 counts referred to the people he shot at during the incident.

The news release stated that Jones was not given bail while in the police custody, and there would be a hearing set for him on Oct. 31, before a judge.