Police K9 Officers Learn New Skills

K-9 Takes Down Suspicious Toy

Redondo Beach K9 team member Ammo recently received a new toy.

The German Shepherd waited patiently while  the officer cranked the handle of the toy. Once it popped open, Ammo demonstrated his takedown method right away.

“I can’t tell if this means he likes his new toy or hates it ??,” the officer said.

Galloping with New Booties

A K9 from the Clinton Police Department, Connecticut, received new shoes in July. The boots were meant to protect his paws from being burned by the pavement in hot weather.

However, the way he walked in them for the first time was pretty funny. He almost appeared to gallop or prance around as he tried to get used to the strange feeling of wearing shoes.

Do you think he appreciated the gift?

Madrid Police Dog Performs ‘CPR’ on Officer

This heartwarming video features a talented police dog named Poncho. The K9 in Madrid, Spain saw an officer fall to the ground and immediately ran over.

It then appeared to perform CPR, pressing its paws on the officer’s chest repeatedly. It even seemed to check his pulse and breathing at the training event on June 22.

Sleuthing Skills vs Fluff Challenge

This “what the fluff” challenge confuses many animals when their owners seem to disappear.

But it was a different story for 3 K9s in the New South Wales Police Force in Australia. They put their super sleuthing skills into practice, after briefly feeling bamboozled.