Police Officer Charged Over Leaking Information to Proud Boys Leader

Zachary Stieber
By Zachary Stieber
May 19, 2023US News
Police Officer Charged Over Leaking Information to Proud Boys Leader
Enrique Tarrio, leader of the Proud Boys, stands outside of the Hyatt Regency where the Conservative Political Action Conference is being held in Orlando, Fla., on Feb. 27, 2021. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

A Washington police officer has been charged with obstruction of justice and making false statements after leaking information to the leader of the Proud Boys group, according to charging documents released on May 19.

Officer Shane Lamond, 47, was in regular contact with Enrique Tarrio, the Proud Boys leader, for nearly two years, during which time he provided confidential details about an investigation into the Dec. 12, 2020, burning of a Black Lives Matter banner, authorities said.

“Someone called in an anonymous tip saying that you claimed responsibility for it,” Lamond told Tarrio in a message on Telegram, according to the documents.

Tarrio noted that he did claim responsibility for the act on social media. “I want to see it play out,” Tarrio said.

“I’m curious to see what happens too,” Lamond said, adding that he would check with criminal investigators to check “if they have you on video.”

Tarrio then messaged other Proud Boys members that “we got the jump on the narrative for the banner burning” from “my contact at DC Metro.”

Lamond later told Tarrio that the FBI was not part of the investigation and that he had conveyed to investigators that what happened was not a hate crime. He also said he didn’t think investigators had images of Tarrio burning the flag. On Jan. 4, 2021, Tarrio said a warrant for his arrest had been signed. He attributed the information to his source. Moments earlier, Lamond had sent a message on Telegram that automatically deleted after 10 seconds.

Lamond told at least one superior that Tarrio was a source but did not inform personnel handling the banner burning investigation that he had conveyed information about the investigation or that Tarrio admitted to involvement in the act, according to the charging documents.

Lamond could not be reached. He was set to be arraigned on Friday on one count of obstruction of justice and three counts of making false statements.

Lamond was placed on administrative leave in February 2022 and Metropolitan Police Department personnel cooperated with federal investigators during the probe into the officer, a Metropolitan Police Department spokesperson told The Epoch Times via email.

“We understand this matter sparks a range of emotions, and believe the allegations of this member’s actions are not consistent [with] our values and our commitment to the community,” the spokesperson said. “This is only part of the process, and upon conclusion of the criminal proceedings, our agency will complete an internal investigation into this incident. Our intentions are to remain transparent while affording a fair process to the involved member.”

Tarrio ultimately pleaded guilty to charges related to carrying gun magazines in Washington and burning the Black Lives Matter banner. He served several months in prison. He was arrested again over charges related to the Jan. 6, 2021, breach of the U.S. Capitol. Tarrio and other Proud Boys were convicted on May 4 on multiple charges, including seditious conspiracy, and face decades of imprisonment.

More Info

Lamond asked Tarrio before Jan. 6 if he planned to attend the rally in Washington that day. Tarrio said he would be in the city on Jan. 6, though he did not go there after all.

Following the breach, Lamond and Tarrio exchanged more messages.

“I think I could have stopped this whole thing,” Tarrio said, according to the charging documents.

“I don’t know, bro. You know it’s [expletive] bad when [person 6] was the voice of reason and they wouldn’t listen to him,” Lamond said. He appeared to be referring to InfoWars host Alex Jones.

“Yeah but I have guys I can line up … he doesn’t,” Tarrio said. “Lol.”

“That is true,” Lamond wrote. “Yesterday was a total [expletive].”

Tarrio later messaged Lamond to say he knew of a woman whose home Maryland police went to. “I have someone you guys might be looking for,” Tarrio said. “Let me know if she’s on your list. I’ll have her turn herself in.”

Lamond checked and said the girl was not on the list.

“Looks like the feds are locking people up for rioting at the Capitol,” Lamond wrote to Tarrio the following day. “I hope none of your guys were among them.”

“So far from what I’m seeing and hearing we’re good,” Tarrio said.

“Great to hear,” Lamond wrote. “I can’t say it officially, but personally I support you all and don’t want to see your group’s name or reputation dragged through the mud.”

False Statements

Federal investigators in June 2021 interviewed Lamond about his communications with Tarrio. During the interview, Lamond made several false statements, authorities say.

For instance, when asked whether Tarrio would “fish” for information,” Lamond said “not really.”

“He never really asked me questions about what we were doing or anything,” Lamond was quoted as saying. “It was more one-sided with just him telling me what their plans were.”

Lamond also acknowledged he spoke to Tarrio in the wake of the banner burning investigation but falsely claimed that he was “trying to find out without tipping him off to the MPD investigation.”

Lamond also said that he did not tip Tarrio off to the arrest warrant.

Lamond faces up to 45 years in prison if convicted.

From The Epoch Times

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