Police Officers Shoot Dogs After They Maul Woman as She Took Out the Trash

By Zachary Stieber

Police officers in Washington, D.C. shot two dogs who mauled a woman as she took out the trash on May 29.

The two pit bulls that escaped from where they live left the victim with injuries to her face and hands, neighbors told NBC 4.

Earlier on Wednesday, the same two dogs were captured on surveillance footage attacking a teenage boy who was walking his 6-month-old dog. The dogs left the boy with an injured hand.

Later that day, the woman was taking out the trash at her house, near where the boy was attacked, when the dogs set upon her. She tried using the trash can to shield her from the attack, and the dogs were ultimately shot by responding officers.

“I got here right when the dogs rushed the police and they shot the dogs,” said neighbor Clinton Brown to NBC 4.

Police who responded later found a commercial marijuana operation inside the house where the dogs were being kept, a few doors down from the mauling.

Sonya Marchi, with the neighborhood’s homeowner’s association, told WTOP that the pit bulls had been allowed to roam around without leashes.

“They leave the front door open so that the dogs can jump over a childproof gate,” said Marchi.

It wasn’t clear if any charges were forthcoming. According to Fox 5, citing police, one of the pit bulls was killed by the shooting while the other survived.

Two People Arrested for Leaving Dog in Hot Car

Two Georgia residents were arrested for allegedly leaving their dog in a hot car over the weekend.

Katherine Gelser and Gurpreet Singh allegedly left their animal inside their car, which was turned off, and walked into a Target in Savannah on May 25, the Savannah Police Department said.

A police report obtained by WSAV said a witness told police officers that they saw the dog panting and barking.

After it was freed from the vehicle, the dog was transported to an animal shelter. Gelser and Singh later went there to retrieve the animal.

Gelser and Singh were arrested and charged with cruelty to animals.

The police department showed a picture on Facebook indicating the temperature was 93 degrees Fahrenheit on the day the dog was found. It showed the dog drinking water near the car after it was freed.

“Yesterday, officers arrested two individuals who left their dog locked in a car while it was in the 90s. It’s going to get extremely hot these next couple of days. Please DO NOT leave pets or children in cars unattended,” the department stated.

“If you have to stop take that few extra minutes just go to the house, put the dog where they need to be and then just go back,” Lt. Raymond Retzer with the Savannah Police Department added to WSAV. “The temperature rises so fast in such a short period of time inside a closed vehicle.”