Political Turmoil in Beijing; Big Brands Boycott Xinjiang Cotton; Interview With Gordon Chang

“If Xi Jinping doesn’t respect Biden… [Xi] could really push the United States and international community to war,” Gordon Chang told Wide Angle. Political turmoil in Beijing could add to Chinese regime volatility, leading to even more unpredictable and dangerous behavior from their side.

The United States and western democracies have recently sanctioned Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials for the genocide of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang (northwest China). Nike, H&M, and other retailers are boycotting Xinjiang slave-labor cotton. The reaction of China’s propaganda machine to this has been confused and contradictory, suggesting internal competition and dispute.

The CCP’s 16-minute “war-wolf” attack on the United States at the Alaska talks may just prove to be the spark of a serious U.S. stance against the CCP. If so, let’s hope it unfolds in time to curb the violations of the Chinese regime and prevent global catastrophe.

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