Powell to Appeal Arizona Lawsuit in SCOTUS

According to the Washington Times, Arizona Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward announced that the Arizona election lawsuit will be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court.

Former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell filed the suit on Dec. 2 on behalf of the state’s 11 GOP electors and others.

Powell’s Arizona co-counsel Alex Kolodin told The Epoch Times in a phone interview his team is planning to fast-track the case to the highest court.

“We’ve always known that this will ultimately be decided in the U.S. Supreme Court, and so we’re ready to fight on and ready to take this fight to the very finish. And that’s the U.S. Supreme Court,” said Kolodin.

The lawsuit alleges that Dominion election software was manipulated and other fraud occurred in the state, violating the Constitution and state election laws. The lawsuit also claims over 412,000 votes were illegally cast.

“We presented reports from both statisticians and a cybersecurity expert explaining how the results of the machines produced could only be evidence of fraud,” continued Kolodin.

Kolodin says over 5,000 ballots from Maricopa County were from out of state voters.

Judge Diane Humetewa dismissed the case, saying its allegations are missing “relevant or reliable evidence.” She said there isn’t a “plausible” allegation that Dominion’s machines were hacked, but says the team’s allegations of fraud are “conceivable.”

Kolodin says the judge never actually heard the evidence because she said the claims weren’t specific enough.

He says it’s common for lower court judges to dismiss “tough” cases like this because he says they don’t want to be responsible for changing an election.

Powell’s team also filed a restraining order to prevent the governor from delivering the certified results to the Electoral College.