Pregnant Woman Attacked in Front of Her Children During Road Rage Incident

By Samuel Allegri

Punching a pregnant woman in the belly is a thing that most human beings would not be able to fathom, but that is what happened on May 22, according to a Houston woman who was driving near Industrial and Federal Road.

The road-rage incident unfolded in a hectic manner in front of the children of the pregnant woman, and it was caught on a cellphone camera as alarmed passersby watched, reported ABC.

None of the people involved have been identified, and the faces on camera are blurred because they haven’t been charged with a crime, although the pregnant woman thinks the attacker should be.

The lady has bruise marks on her right arm and said that the attacker held her by the hair and beat her stomach, she also mentioned that her left side is sore from the attack.

“She just cut me off, and you know she almost hit me, she didn’t even put her blinker on or anything,” said the pregnant woman in the interview with ABC. “She started breaking, and breaking, and breaking.”

Then she told ABC that she thought if she had passed the attacker by it would have made things better, but when they reached a red light the attacker got out of the car.

The pregnant woman said, “I know I did a mistake in getting out of the car, but when you’re in a situation like that your mind goes blank, you’re just in fear or you’re in shock.”

They yelled at each other, and then the pregnant woman can be seen recording the attacker’s car’s license plate. The pregnant woman said she was then assaulted physically.

The pregnant woman said that the attacker then walked back to her car, but when she noticed that the pregnant woman was still recording, she became even more furious and came out of the car to attack her for a second time, this time punching her belly and biting her.

After that, two men stepped in and one of them can be heard on the video recording saying  “Stop, she’s pregnant.”

The pregnant woman then drove to a restaurant and called the police to report the incident.

She was checked out at a hospital and was told that she was in good condition. “Thank God nothing happened,” she said, Metro reported.

Man Confronts Road Rage Driver Who Swore at Him, His Action Leaves the Internet Applauding

What would you do if someone hurled vulgarities at you for an act that was actually their fault? Some people might confront the person, but for one Canadian man, he decided to show an act of kindness instead.

In March 2016, Peter Karanfilis was driving when a motorist cut him off. Not only did the driver overtake him, he also flipped Karanfilis off and shouted swear words.

Posted by Peter Karanfilis on Saturday, October 20, 2012

“This surprised me because I was unaware WHY he did this,” Karanfilis wrote, sharing his confusion on his Facebook page. “My thoughts are because he didn’t use his turn signal, so it was unexpected…”

Karanfilis, a personal trainer, wanted to give the driver a piece of his mind and followed him into a Starbucks.

“I thought, here’s my chance to tell him what I think of his poor manners and disrespect,” Karanfilis wrote.

However, when he entered the store, the man was nowhere to be found.

Since Karanfilis was already in the store, he decided to buy himself a cup of coffee. That’s when the man reappeared, having come out of the restroom.

Why am I posting a selfie with a coffee cup and a peace sign? Well, I'd like to share something with you. This morning I…

Posted by Peter Karanfilis on Friday, March 18, 2016

And nothing could prepare the man for what Karanfilis was going to say next.

“I turned around to tell him that it’s his lucky day! ‘What could I buy you? My treat!’” Karanfilis recounted.

Needless to say, the man was speechless.

“Really?” the man asked him.

Once Karanfilis bought the man a drink, he introduced himself as the driver who he “flipped off” moments ago while on the road.

Love this girl

Posted by Peter Karanfilis on Monday, October 5, 2015

The man quickly apologized and said that he was “just super stressed.”

After chatting a while, Karanfilis and the man realized that the man’s turn signal was not working. Through this incident, Karanfilis wants to remind everyone to make peace with others.

“Because we tend to celebrate people getting revenge, or ‘getting what they deserve,’” he wrote. “My question is, when does it end? When does the fighting and anger stop? It’s only when PEACE makes its way in and overcomes.

“Remember, everyone may be going through something that you know nothing about,” he added.