President Trump embarks on first international trip

President Trump is embarking on his first foreign trip on May 19. He will be visiting the Middle East and Europe.

Trump’s choice for his first visit abroad is unique. Most recent presidents have opted to visit neighboring countries.

“It’s certainly an incredibly ambitious trip. Usually presidents wait a little bit until they wade deeply into the Middle East because it’s so challenging,” said Heather Conley from the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

The president will begin his excursion in Saudi Arabia, where will meet with leaders of dozens of Arab states.

“Saudi Arabia is delighted. They rely on a security relationship with the United States. They were very disappointed with President Obama who they thought favored Iran rather than them,” said Simon Henderson of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

The second stop is Israel, where Trump will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Trump then goes to Europe. He will stop first at the Vatican and meet with Pope Francis.

After that, the president will go to Brussels for a NATO meeting. He will conclude his trip with the G-7 summit in Sicily.