Foreign Money Flees China Amid Investor Fears

The World Bank says reducing dependence on China is “probably good for everyone.” That’s the organization’s present comments on the issue.

Shipping is grinding to a halt on Chinese highways. Lockdown protocols have left truckers trapped in their vehicles, and the backup is now hitting supply chains.

That’s as foreign money flees China at breakneck speed, driven by investor fears.

And in space, China and Russia are trying to counter the United States. A defense intelligence officer explains why.

An American company sells half its stake in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. The move was pushed through by Warren Buffett’s longtime business partner.

A loophole in Canada allows citizens to get illegal organ transplants from China. But a group of lawmakers is trying to close it.

Topics in this episode:
China’s Lockdown A Problem For World Economy: Expert
Chinese Truckers Paralyzed By Lockdown Restrictions
China Defends Zero-COVID-19 Policy Amid Criticism
Foreign Money Flees China Amid Investor Fears
CCP’s Uyghur Genocide Ongoing: Sec. Blinken
China, Russia Aim To Thwart U.S. Space Effort
Daily Journal Halves Alibaba Stake: Buffett’s Partner
12 Chinese Companies Added To Sec Provisional List
Canadian Lawmakers Push Bill, Fight Organ Harvesting
China Lockdown May Impact iPhone Production
Taiwan President Talks With Swedish Delegation

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