Professor Appreciates Shen Yun’s Presentation of China’s Traditional Culture


The holiday season is a time for tradition and being thankful for what we have. Belinda Reininger, a professor at the University of Texas, enjoyed the quality of Shen Yun Performing Arts. And said she was grateful for this experience.

“The music, the orchestra is tremendous, and the dancers. I don’t think I’ve ever seen dancers so precisely trained and just enjoying their dance. It’s wonderful,” said Belinda Reininger, a health promotion & behavioral sciences professor. “Particularly at our Christmas time when we can get rushed around, this really creates just a sense of calm and beauty, and something to be really thankful for.”

“It just amazing how the athleticism and the agility, and the amount of training that must go into doing what they do,” said Mark May, Community Information Specialist at McAllen Independent School District. “And it’s a spectacular performance. I really enjoyed it.

“They’re amazing. The lighting, the stage presence with the costumes. It’s breathtaking.” Reininger added.

Reininger got the University of  Texas Regent’s Outstanding Teaching Award in 2016, which is the Board of Regents’ highest honor. She said she was not familiar with Chinese culture before seeing the show at the McAllen Performing Arts Center on Dec. 21.

“The traditional culture’s coming to life, and then the animation, going through the different scenes, the different scenarios, the Ming dynasty, the Mongolian plains,” said Reininger. “All of that is just so beautiful.”

“China has such a rich history in world civilization, it’s great that they offer this gift to the rest of the world. You’re never too old to learn more,” said May. “I’m grateful tonight to have been here to learn the things that I’ve learned and to see it in such an entertaining spectacular presentation.”

NTD News, McAllen, Texas

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