Puppy Found in Woods With Severed Leg by Folks Who Were Fishing

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BURNS, Tennessee—A wagging tail, one floppy ear, and sad puppy eyes. He’s cute as can be, but how part of his leg got cut off, remains a mystery.

On Sunday evening, some people were fishing at Johnson Creek when they found a puppy hobbling around with part of his hind leg missing.

Dr. Jeremiah Wojnarowski said, “We’re assuming that a dog might have chewed it off, he could have got it caught in something, it doesn’t appear he got hit by a car or anything like that, but something pretty bad happened to him.”

Vivienne Akhdary is the general manager at the Humane Society of Dickson County. They named the dog, “Scooter.”

Akhdary said, “One of the most adorable puppies I’ve ever seen.”

Scooter is being treated at the Animal Medical Hospital on Highway 96 in the Burns area.

Wojnarowski said, “He’s very nice, he lets us dress his little stump and mess with his legs, and do a lot of stuff, so it’s always helpful when they’re cooperative and as sweet as can be.”

In addition to his severed leg, Scooter’s other hind leg has some issues. He was also covered in fleas and ticks after being in the wooded area.

Wojnarowski said, “We know for sure he’s going to have to have surgery. He’s going to have to have the other leg removed because it’s so badly damaged, it’s of no use to him whatsoever, but this left one is going to be probably a combination of physical therapy, and some time. Potentially if all else fails, a wheelchair is kind of a last-ditch effort.”

Rescuers believe it’s miracle a puppy could survive something so horrible.

Akhdary said, “What a little fighter. What a little trooper, to be so injured and just be so happy, and tail waggy, it’s really amazing.”

Scooter has a long road ahead, but eventually, he will be available for adoption.

Two girls holding puppies.
Stock photo of two girls holding puppies. (Screenshot from video/File photo via AP)

Wojnarowski said, “Sky’s the limit for little guys like him, they can recover from a lot of things that older dogs just can’t come through, so we’re hopeful.”

Right now they’re asking for donations to help pay for Scooter’s vet bills.

You can make donations online to the Humane Society of Dickson County, or you can mail checks to them at 311 Tennsco Road Dickson, TN 37055.

Donations can also be made by calling the animal hospital directly at (615) 446-1606.

Pup Manages to Miraculously Survive

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When a man found a discarded puppy severely injured and unable to move in a canal, he was horrified to discover the condition of one of its legs. But with lots of love and care, the little puppy recovered and started running again.

The puppy had been brutalized, thrown 30 feet, and left to die. Hagar soon realized that the puppy, which he later named Jordan, was squealing in pain because of a missing leg.

“Someone literally cut off his foot,” he was heard saying in the video that recorded the rescue process.

“He was just in bad shape. All bones and severe mange, and a leg was chopped off,” Perez recalled Jordan’s condition to ABC 7.

Epoch Times reporter Jocelyn Neo contributed to this article.

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