Puppy Gets Adopted After Reportedly Being Burned by Acid

Bowen Xiao
By Bowen Xiao
August 13, 2017Newsshare
Puppy Gets Adopted After Reportedly Being Burned by Acid
(Screenshot via CBS Los Angeles)

A woman from Southern California discovered a puppy that appeared to have burns resulting from some type of acid attack.

When Alycia Encico, found the puppy, its jaw was broken and burns were found along the dog’s muzzle and eye, CBS Los Angeles reported.

The 3-month-old pit bull labrador mix is lucky to be alive after enduring such injuries. He was found near a local elementary school at San Bernardino.

“It’s heartbreaking because it really was burnt you could see it,” Enciso told CBS. “What kind of animal could do this to a puppy?”

Enciso said she was, in fact, looking for her own lost dog, Tiggy, at the San Bernardino shelter on Aug. 8. She said a teenager had dropped the puppy, named Lucky, off after the teen found him in such a terrible condition.

“I tried to clean it but he was in a lot of pain,” she said.

Worried that the shelter could not give the proper 24-hour care she felt Lucky desperately needed, Enciso decided to adopt him herself.

When she took Lucky home, she first contacted a local rescue group, who then took him to Loma Linda Animal Hospital.

Skye Whitmore, a hospital employee said Lucky is now doing well.

“He’s doing okay, he’s hanging in there. He’s got the spirit of a puppy,” Whitmore told CBS.

After the hospital’s constant care, the puppy is recovering and in a stable condition.

CBS reported that Lucky’s eyes appeared to be healing as well. In Los Angeles next week, the puppy will undergo surgery that will fix his broken jaw.

However, the surgery is not going to be cheap. The operation will cost at least $15,000.

That’s why the vet and the rescue organization are asking the community for help.

“Someone must have done this. Who doesn’t have a heart especially to this puppy? He didn’t deserve this,” vet tech Adilene Flores told CBS.

Lucky does not have a microchip on him so Encisco is still looking for his owners. She has posted on social media and placed signs all around the area where he was found.

If anyone wants to help with the puppy’s medical expenses, Loma Linda Animal Hospital asks you to contact them.

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Man Throws Puppy in Trunk After Kicking, Punching It in Walmart Parking Lot

A man holds a Staffordshire Bull Terrier on his shoulder. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)
A man holds a Staffordshire Bull Terrier on his shoulder. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

By NTD Television

A man punched and kicked a puppy, then stuffed it in his car’s trunk in Slidell, Louisiana, at around 4 p.m. on Aug. 10. Police arrived and arrested Louis Ladner for animal cruelty in the parking lot of the local Walmart, as reported by ABC affiliate WGNO.

Witnesses called police when they saw Ladner abusing the dog. When police arrived they could not locate the puppy. Ladner then directed them to the trunk of his car, where the police found the pitbull puppy.

Before the incident, Ladner left the dog in the main part of his car for 20 minutes so he could go shopping. When he came back, he said the dog attacked him and his infant child. Witnesses said that he spent the next 10 minutes beating the dog before throwing it in the trunk. Witnesses said they heard the dog “screaming bloody murder.”

The dog was taken by police and handed over to a responsible person. Ladner was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. Ladner faces previous charges for aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon and contempt of court related to a charge of operating a clandestine laboratory, as reported by The Times-Picayune.

Ladner is 39 years old and is from Kiln, Mississippi.

Slidell police posted news of the arrest on their Facebook page. Commenters had no kind words for Ladner. Some were wishing he would receive the same treatment that he gave the puppy. Other people praised the police for taking an animal abuser off the streets.

Facebook commenter Frank Huggins had a suggestion for police. “Turn this guy over to the LSU football team for dummy practice and let him learn what a real beating feels like.”

“Thanks SPD! Now if we just had harsher laws when it comes to these MONSTERS who abuse children and animals. I am proud of our SPD for doing a fine job of getting the losers off the streets and locked up in spite of having to watch many of them get a slap on the wrist at sentencing. Again, thank you!” said commenter Linda S. Myatt.

Other commenters are actively sharing their findings after calling the police department to check on the condition of the puppy.

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