Pure Beauty: ‘Child Fighter’

We are delighted to present a selection of oil paintings by talented artists from NTD’s International Figure Painting Competition. The competition’s mission, “Pure Truth, Kindness and Beauty,” has inspired many artists to recognize their responsibility in creating art with traditional values.

​Award-winning Paintings Original artworks, canvas wraps and prints are available for purchase.

All net proceeds will go toward supporting the artists and NTD’s International Figure Painting Competition.

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About the artwork: “Child Fighter” by Philippe lhuillier

Technique Award Size: 47 1/2 x 47 1/2 in, Oil on canvas
A few years ago French artist Philippe Lhuillier returned home to France from Brazil with a suitcase full of 26 years of memories – and inspiration. One of those memories was of his little neighbor. “This boy is the son of a fisherman, he was 8 years old that year. He had curly hair and was very naughty.
When I took pictures of him he took the initiative to pose,” Lhuillier said. “When I was painting this picture, I enjoyed it very much, because this boy is free and unfettered, with a sort of untamed innocence.” When Lhuillier lived in Brazil, he worked helping disadvantaged children for many years. Inner cities could be permeated with crime and at risk youth, and he saw the difficulties that plagued children who lived amongst such social ills.
But this child lived near the ports, away from the city crime, and he was different. He showed a sort of spirit that really moved Lhuillier. “This child consciously resists the social maladies,” he said. “The child’s attitude touched me. I feel relieved to see him.

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