Pure Beauty: ‘Plum Blossoms in the Muddy World’

We are delighted to present a selection of oil paintings by talented artists from NTD’s International Figure Painting Competition. The competition’s mission, “Pure Truth, Kindness and Beauty,” has inspired many artists to recognize their responsibility in creating art with traditional values.

​Award-winning Paintings Original artworks, canvas wraps and prints are available for purchase.

All net proceeds will go toward supporting the artists and NTD’s International Figure Painting Competition.

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About the artwork: “Plum Blossoms in the Muddy World” by Xiangyang Sun

Silver Award, Size 42 x 61 in, Oil on canvas

This warm slice-of-life scene seems nothing special at first, except everything seems astoundingly real, as if the artist has breathed these figures into life. There is a peaceful tranquility to it all, as if everything is in harmony.

The people in the room seem perfectly ordinary, but the book they are reading is “Zhuan Falun.” It is a banned text in China, where the artist resides. Officially an atheist regime, the Chinese Communist Party persecutes all sorts of religious believers and followers of faith. Its ongoing targeted attack on Falun Gong has been particularly brutal. Even the act of venturing out to read together requires tremendous bravery in China.

Golden energy blooms into the room as a result of their steadfast faith. Discs of divine light fall from above like blossoms signifying hope for the future even in our muddy world.

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