A quadruple backflip, but not the way you would expect

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January 20, 2017Entertainment
A quadruple backflip, but not the way you would expect
Photo: AP Photo/The Press, Rex Larsen

Anyone who has had, or has, a trampoline in their yard has probably tried doing a backflip at least once. Doing one flip can be very challenging, but trying multiple flips can be much more so.

The flip featured in this video clip is special because while it’s only one jump, four people are doing it simultaneously. Even at the International Festival of Circus in Monaco, a quadruple back flip done by one person is quite rare, and gets a lot of applause.

But in this clip, there no circus, no applause, and not a single person quadruple back flip. But, check this out. In what looks like a human centipede, are four people, holding onto each other, and doing one back flip – simultaneously, all in one jump.

They have earned their applause as well. On Facebook, this video has reached more than a million people and is still growing. That many people wouldn’t even fit into the circus tent in Monaco.