The REAL Meaning of the Word KUNG FU

When you think of Kung Fu, you may think of Bruce Lee beating up an entire Japanese Karate school. But Kung Fu doesn’t always refer to fighting, actually the word Kung Fu just means “a skill acquired through effort.” It doesn’t just relate to martial arts, you can use Kung Fu to describe a high level of skill at anything usually acquired over a long period of time. You could use it to describe the skill of a carpenter who has worked with wood for many years and knows exactly how the material behaves, or an artist who has mastered painting lifelike portraits with oil paints. 

You can also use the word Kung Fu to tell someone to put in some effort, xia yi dian gong fu ba.

Xia means down, but in this context is a verb meaning something like “throw in.” So xia yi dian gong fu means put in some effort.

See the video above for more.