Taiwanese Fly for Fun on Homemade Planes in Taichung

Taiwan had an unusual flight competition on Sunday. Handmade gliders were put to the test in an entertainment event sponsored by Red Bull.

Forty-five teams took part in the event in the harbor of Taichung, a city in central Taiwan. A magnitude 6.8 earthquake in southern Taiwan was felt on Sunday during the competition but the competition went on.

A three-story high platform over the water was used as an airstrip for the aspiring pilots, whose goal was to fly as far as possible. The styrofoam gliders were pushed by several people on the airstrip and then thrown toward the water.

The event was called “Flugtag,” and it is organized every year by energy drink company Red Bull.

taiwan glider 5
The craft “Gun Bar With No Fats And Coriander” gliding after its launch to win the Red Bull Flugtag competition in Taichung, Taiwan, on Sept. 18, 2022. (I-Hwa Cheng/AFP via Getty Images)

The styrofoam planes were manned by one pilot and were constructed by a team of several people.

Some gliders were dismantled during take-off and fell off the edge of the platform, before having a chance to fly.

glider taiwan 3
A glider falling into the sea during the for-fun event in Taichung, Taiwan, on Sept. 18, 2022. (AP via Redbull/Screenshot via NTD)

Spectators were seen in the harbor, laughing and taking in the tropical island’s sun.

During the event, a team member also proposed to his girlfriend, and she accepted in tears.

This year’s winner was the “Taiwan Big Mac.” Tina Hsu, 30, pilot for that glider and dance teacher in Taichung said, “I am the pilot because I am the lightest. But everyone dreams of flying, that is why we achieved this together. We stayed up many nights, we calculated a lot and made this with our hands.”

The craft flew 32.75 meters.