Reddit User Cleans up His Grandparents House for Sale and Finds Treasure Hidden Inside

By Paula Liu

One Tennessee man was cleaning out his grandparents’ farmhouse when he stumbled across something strange safe underneath the stairs.

The Reddit user, EvilEnglish, wrote on a Reddit post that has since been deleted that he was cleaning out his grandparents’ home in preparation to sell the house, according to Messy Nessy.

His grandparents lived in the farmhouse for 20 years, and when his grandfather died in 1998, his grandmother left the farmhouse and never returned. The house was inherited by the Reddit user’s father, who passed away in 2009. His father also did not visit the farmhouse after the grandfather died.

Naturally, the farmhouse ended up falling to EvilEnglish’s hands, and he was tasked with cleaning up the house for sale.

The house was in really bad shape after two decades of neglect, and the Reddit user said that a lot of work would be needed to restore the place.

He was cleaning out the house when he stumbled across a closet under the staircase, his next step was to work on cleaning out the closet. In the closet, there was a really old rug, which in the Reddit user’s point of view, was quite disgusting.

He wrote in the Reddit post that he pushed the rug up, and found something very interesting hiding underneath the carpet, according to KSL.

“I pushed the carpet back further and saw a round cap with a circle indentation on it. I pulled off the cap and … A Secret Safe!”

He spent a few days trying open up the safe—trying to figure out what exactly was in the safe that was so carefully hidden. He documented the process on Reddit.

Vaughn Rodrigo 发布于 2015年1月2日周五

However, his efforts to open the safe were fruitless, and he called Major Safe Co., or also known as American Security today, and hired a locksmith, according to information on imgur.

The locksmith came to the farmhouse to tackle the lock. However, the locksmith had some trouble opening the safe—the lock was proving hard to crack.

“He said about 30 mins into this that if he had known what he was getting into, he would have referred the job to someone else.”

Despite the hard to open safe, the locksmith managed to crack it open and revealed many treasures inside.

EvilEnglish recalled years ago when he used to visit his grandparents’ farmhouse. They would read to him Treasure Island, which introduced him to the idea of secret riches hiding just beneath the surface.

The stories that his grandparents read to them didn’t seem too far away from the treasures hidden inside the safe.

His grandfather was an avid sportsman and enjoyed collecting firearms. His grandmother liked collecting coins as well as other antiques and curiosities.

What seemed to be bricks in the safe were actually boxes, and inside boxes were antique, the things that his grandmother collected. He found coins, silver bars, and many other things that his grandparents had stored and hidden away.

“I knew my Grandmother collected coins, but I thought we had found all of them!” he wrote.

Although the treasure boxes suffered from some water damage, the whole of the treasure remained intact and in good shape.

After his documented finds posted on Reddit, another user commented on his post and told him of the value of his treasure. That user said that the prestige sets of coins were worth at least $20 each. However, the far more valuable item in the treasure was the silver coins.

“At the moment their melt value is 17.3 times face value,” the user wrote. “With low silver prices and extremely high demand for physical silver, most respectable dealers will pay you melt right now.”

In addition, the silver bars that EvilEnglish found were also told to be worth around $24 each.

In addition to the coins, there were also dollar bills. EvilEnglish stood to make a good amount of cash, given the number of coins and silver bars found in the safe.

However, that wasn’t all of the treasure, for there was another box filled with jewelry. It was as though his grandparents wanted to recreate an experience for their grandson, similar to that of the Treasure Island. It brought him even closer to his late grandmother.

It was a wonderful experience for the Reddit user who grew up having his grandparents read Treasure Island to him when he visited them.

“Funny that as a boy, in that very house, my Grandma read me Treasure Island,” EvilEnglish wrote. “And I always dreamed of finding something like this!”