Gohmert: Courts Fail to Stop Fraudulent Election Results From Being Certified

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) says the courts have failed to stop fraudulent election results from being certified. He says Wednesday’s joint session of Congress is the last stop.

Gohmert is one of at least 100 representatives that will be challenging contested electoral votes. Thirteen senators have also said they will object.

“This is the last possible stop. And so it is critical that we stop the fraudulent result.”

He told Philipp that when there is fraud, the courts need to assist and resolve the disputes. But if this doesn’t happen, Congress is the last stop.

“And I know there are people who are saying we should not overrule any anything that comes from the state, but when the systems have broken down in the state, our only chance to salvage the system is for the last remaining stop, with the constitutional authority that Jefferson had, to recognize non-fraudulent electoral votes, instead of fraudulent electoral votes.”

Gohmert said he hopes that enough members of both the House and Senate will stand up and do the right thing on Wednesday to form a majority vote.