Report: Spy Cameras, Blackmail Rampant in China

Juliet Song
By Juliet Song
December 30, 2021China in Focus

Japanese police are looking to put a Chinese national on Interpol’s wanted list. He’s suspected to have assisted the Chinese military in launching cyberattacks against 200 Japanese companies.

A privacy nightmare has become reality in China, according to a new report. It describes how spy cameras and covert surveillance are getting more and more common, and how secretly collected images are often used for blackmail. 

The United States is urging Beijing to release detained Hong Kong journalists amid authorities’ latest round of suppression of press freedom in the city.

A Chinese law enforcement agency is testing out a new kind of prosecutor—one that runs on artificial intelligence. Officials say the machine can identify crimes and  press charges against real people.

One of China’s most capable seaworthy ships has been spotted conducting unauthorized surveys in the waters surrounding an island nation near the Philippines. Analysis suggests the data China collected may be useful for undersea warfare.

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