Report: Trump Slashed China Aid by Half

The U.S. government used to send tens of millions of dollars more to China as foreign aid. But a new report shows that the budget took a drastic dive under the Trump administration.  A new report says President Donald Trump slashed government aid to China by more than half in just one year.

Under Trump, many China support programs saw major spending cuts or operations halted. One example is the US trade and development agency. It used to pour $7 million into modernizing China’s aviation and energy infrastructure. Now its money is redirected to support activities to counter China’s debt diplomacy efforts.

Japan has decided to discontinue its 40-year official development assistance projects for China, Foreign Minister Taro Kono told a news conference on Tuesday, as the need for the aid has receded since China’s economy became the second-largest in the world.

NTD reached out to the office of management and budget for comment, but didn’t get a response before air time.