Retired Government officer: Shen Yun Performance “Takes You Into Another World”


The six performances of Shen Yun from April 18 to 23, in Perth, western Australia, were very well received. Jean Sikirich, a retired government officer, enjoyed the show very much, and she said that she was drawn into the scene to “see another part of the world.”

“I just absolutely adored the Tibetan drums. They really woke me up. Ah, beautiful,” said Jean Sikirich, feeling excited. “I also enjoyed the piece about the little baby. I thought it was very touching, and very well done. It drew me into the scene.”

And she seemed to have been to another world.

“It just takes you into another world. It’s lovely to be just able to close your eyes for a moment and just see another part of the world.”

NTD News, Perth Reporters Group, Australia, contributed to this article.

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