Retired Military Dog Reunited With Handler

By Tiffany Meier

“So happy he’s back,” said Air Force Technical Sergeant Dustin Cain, as he was reunited with a retired service dog.

Cain and Military Working Dog (MWD) Bakk were paired together in South Korea.

“This is great. He’s in great shape,” Cain said.

The two made quite the pair working patrols at Osan Air Base 60 miles south of the DMZ, according to FOX News.

“Being a dog handler in the military is the best job they have,” Cain said.

“Those dogs are willing to put themselves on the line for you, and that’s just something you can’t replace,” he added.

In January, Cain thought he was saying goodbye to Bakk for the final time.

Right before he was to leave South Korea, Bakk suffered an injury during training.

Because Bakk was almost 8 years old, the Air Force said Bakk was not a candidate for surgery but rather for adoption, according to KTVB.

After years of hard work, American Humane and Cain were able to arrange for the adoption of the newly retired Bakk.

American Humane Veterinarian, Lesa Staubus, said, “The service you’ve given, and the service he’s given—you two deserve each other now, and we’re really happy to help make this happen.”

Cain replied, “Thank you. It’s a big moment.”

“It’s just a big honor to me to be able to escort this four-legged hero home and, just to see the look on his face when he was reunited with his handler—that’s just wonderful,” Staubus said.

Bakk is now ready to meet the rest of his new family and be man’s best friend.

Cain is excited to show his old buddy new sights.

“I’m really eager for some nice weather, and we can get out,” Cain said. “I don’t think he’s ever seen water—plain water—so it’s gonna be fun to introduce him to that as well.”