Rick Green: The Swamp Won on Jan. 6

Given the rampant allegations of election fraud, there were many potential scenarios of how the Jan. 6 joint session of Congress could have played out. Some said Pence had the authority to approve or throw out electors in states with wide allegations of fraud, while others claimed he only had a ceremonial role.

NTD spoke to a constitutional expert, attorney, and former Texas representative Rick Green for his comments on the events that unfolded.

“The swamp won on January 6. And I don’t mean just because Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won. I mean because the process was swampy. It was absolutely that way in these states, and it wasn’t stopped.”

Green said the process did not fully debate or look at the challenges. It concluded at 3:45 in the morning. Only Pennsylvania and Arizona fully brought challenges, and both were rejected.

“The only state that they actually debated, actually separated to debate, was Arizona. And I think that was one of the weaker states in terms of the case for unconstitutional illegal actions.”

Green also called out what he called hypocrisy from some who quickly condemned the violence.

“Literally thousands more murders in our streets this year as a result of the lawlessness, and these people have been silent throughout all of that. But suddenly when their safety was threatened, when it was at their door, their attitude changed. And I think that speaks volumes.”

He explained he does not have faith that the courts will actually take any cases regarding election fraud. Saying they failed the American people.

To the millions of Americans who feel the election was rigged, Green says every citizen has a voice. Suggesting that people can lobby their state representatives to increase full transparency, verification process measures, and legal remedies in future elections.

Green says that right now, we need “courage at every level.” Noting that “luckily, courage is contagious” and urging people to take action to become a part of the solution.