15th Annual Thirst Project Gala Fundraiser in Beverly Hills

Ruby Lovell
By Ruby Lovell
June 16, 2024Right on LA!

Right on LA! with Ruby Lovell shines a light on the life-changing non-profit organization the Thirst Project, which has strived tirelessly—with the support of young people and considerable celebrity backing—to raise awareness and funds to end the global water crisis. To date, the Thirst Project has raised over $10 million dollars and provided more than half a million people in 13 countries with clean, safe drinking water by building over 3,000 wells. It has transformed the lives of men, women, and children around the world, improving health and education, and substantially contributing to development in disadvantaged countries, thus providing hope for a brighter future.

This gala extravaganza packed with celebrities and VIPs in glamorous Beverly Hills is sure to emotionally move, captivate, and entertain you !

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