Rising to The Threat: US Launches Committee on the Present Danger of Communist China

Kitty Wang
By Kitty Wang
April 2, 2019Chinashare

Formed by a distinguished team of China experts, national security practitioners, business leaders, human rights and religious freedom activists, the Committee on the Present Danger: China (CPDC) was launched in Washington DC on March 25. Their purpose is to wake up and educate the American public of the multi-faceted threat we are facing from China, and offer policy suggestions to the government.

The committee is a wholly independent and non-partisan effort to educate and inform the American public and policy makers of the existential threat from the People’s Republic of China under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party that the Chinese people have already been faced with since 1949.

“It’s purpose is to explain these threats that range from the military build up of the PRC, their active information and political warfare, that targets the American people, and our business, political, and media elites, their cyberwarfare and their economic warfare,” said Brian Kennedy, Chairman of CPDC.

“That threat is Communist China’s plan to dominate the United States and ultimately the entire world, but what they have published in they call the Unrestricted Warfare. We are now at warfare with the People’s Republic of China,” said Chet Nagle, writer and former CIA agent.

Committee on the Present Danger was formed three times from 1950 til 2004, in response to the threat from the former Soviet Union, and Terrorism.

This year is the 40th anniversary of the establishment of U.S.-China relations. Many American experts, both inside and outside of government, are thinking deeply about this relationship. They’ve found that the threat that China presents today is much bigger and sophisticated than what the Soviet Union presented.

“They gave me a counter intelligence briefing. That is where I was blown away when they said, every university in America is penetrated. They have not only Chinese students but Chinese exchange faculty that are there for one purpose. And that is to gain as much intelligence about America and about what we are doing, particularly about our technology, as possible. They had every hightech company in this country as penetrated by intelligence agents, and even the Intel-community itself has been penetrated,” said LTG William Boykin, former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.

“You know all of these things make what the Soviet Union did seem to be sort of bush-league by comparison,” said Frank Gaffney, Vice Chairman of the CPDC.

In the past two years, a broad consensus has been formed between the Trump administration and the two major parties in U.S. Congress on the China threat. Just last week, a senior CIA official warned at a think-tank event that China is the most serious challenge to the current free international order.

“China is at war with us. I think what my colleagues here in the committee have made very clear is, they are using many different avenues to wage that war, in a sort of Unrestricted Warfare sense, but we have generally not recognized that as a belligerent condition,” said Gaffney.

“We have only one course of action, which is carefully to develop and concentrate upon our own strength, so it’s to deter China militarily and rise to its economic and geostrategic challenges throughout the world,” said Mark Helprin, journalist and senior fellow of the Claremont Institute.

Kate Wang, NTD News

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