Romans divided on cold but clean LED lights

Rome is a romantic city, but a change in lighting might change that mood.

The city is replacing its current streetlights with LED bulbs.

Instead of a warm golden glow, the new lights shine with a cold, blue light.

“This LED light is really bright, really blue. It feels like a hospital light,” said Monica Larner, an American living in Rome. “You don’t even have the clouding, the veiling effect from the glass because it has all been removed.

The new lights will also save the city US$27.7 million (26 million euros) each year.

On top of that, the new lights use less energy and thus cause less pollution.

“I am more than happy,” said shop owner Luca Candolo. “I find there is more light in this area and above all there is a real saving in energy levels. This energy saving is to be welcomed, it was about time.”

The lighting won’t change around major historical monuments. Those special sites have special rules governing lighting requirements.

Even the most cost-conscious politicians realize that the right lighting can enhance an experience.