Rufugee insists on traveling with his dog

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War causes people to have to make heart-wrenching decisions. The more urgent the circumstances are, the harder those decisions can become. 17-year-old Aslan Al-Hakim is fleeing Damascus, Syria because of the war. He must be careful about what he chooses to carry with him because it’s a long walk and a long journey across the Mediterranean Sea and through Europe.

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The decision of whether or not to bring his dog, however, was not difficult at all. Many under these circumstances choose to leave their pets behind. When people ask Aslan why he is bringing his dog with him. The answer is simple – love. His response to those who question his decision to bring “Rose” with him is usually something like this:

“Some people will ask – you have only a small bag?”
“And you bring your dog?”
“I love my dog!”