Russian Airspace Closure Slows Foreign Flights to From China

Russia’s airspace closure now affecting China.

According to the head of a global airline industry group, international flights flying to and from China will likely get reduced because of the increased distance to re-route around Russia.

China’s domestic airspace traffic hit a peak after the COVID-19 pandemic, but international flights are still at a low point.

As tensions escalate between Beijing and Washington, the amount of airlines traveling back and forth between the two nations remains at a mere 6 percent of 2019 levels.

Following the invasion of Ukraine, many countries imposed flight bans to Russia. In response, the Kremlin shut down its airspace to nations it deems hostile.

But some U.S. and European airline companies complained that Chinese carriers are gaining an upper hand. Saying their access to Russian airspace saves them fuel costs and flight time.

On the contrary, Delta, United, and American Airlines say that the airspace ban is costing them $2 billion annually.


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