Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Aggravating a New Cold War; Should U.S. Station Troops in Taiwan?

Iris Tao
By Iris Tao
March 30, 2022China News

The war in Ukraine continues and the dynamic is shifting. The United States is increasing its military aid to Ukraine. And Ukraine is formulating a counter-attack. This war has turned many people’s perceptions upside down – a small country like Ukraine is basically tied with the second-largest military power in the world on its own territory. Meanwhile, Russia faces depleting military resources. And both sides are getting closer and closer to reaching a compromise on the terms of the negotiations.

The war has also reinforced the notion in the United States and among America’s allies in the Indo-Pacific region of protecting Taiwan from Chinese Communist aggression. Dr. Anders Corr, founder of Corr Analytics, Inc., a U.S. think tank on international politics, recently told NTD’s Pinnacle View that the U.S. needs to station troops in Taiwan and sign a mutual defense treaty with Taiwan to truly demonstrate its commitment to Taiwan’s defense. On the issue of how to strengthen the economic and military blockade against the Chinese Communist Party, Dr. Corr said that the U.S. needs to reorient its investment and trade to delink from China and redirect more investment to friendly countries to empower democratic countries and other U.S. allies.

Stephen J. Yates, China Chair of the America First Policy Institute, says in this edition of Pinnacle View that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will make the world landscape more complex than it was during the Cold War and that China is at the core of the new Cold War. Mr. Yates argues that China is working behind the scenes to try to offset the Western world’s sanctions against Russia and asserts that the Western world must divest itself from the Chinese Communist Party. These actions, according to Mr. Yates, will represent the first part of a new Cold War.

On the impact of the war in Ukraine on a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan, Mr. Shi Shan, Senior Editor and Lead Writer at The Epoch Times, said that the Chinese Communist Party is looking closely at the war from all angles, because it has direct bearing on its future actions against Taiwan. In discussing how the U.S. can strengthen its defense of Taiwan, Mr. Shi Shan said that the most pragmatic and effective U.S. policy toward China was actually put forward by the State Department in the last administration when former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo differentiated between China and the Chinese Communist Party, separating the Chinese Communist government from the Chinese people. Mr. Shi Shan said that continuing this type of policy will make a bigger difference in China than the military investment, economic sanctions or trade wars. He noted, however, that many Americans may not be able to recognize the importance of this differentiation. As to whether China and Russia will team up to fight against the West, Mr. Shi Shan asserted that the alliance between the Chinese Communist Party and Russia will not last long due to their different values. In the future, many things that we can’t imagine will happen.

Pinnacle View, a new TV program launched at the end of 2021 by New Tang Dynasty and The Epoch Times, is a high-end TV forum based on events surrounding China. The program gathers elites from around the world and from all walks of life, focuses on hot issues, analyzes the world’s major trends, and provides viewers with in-depth observations on current events and historical facts.

This issue of Pinnacle View focuses on the role of the Chinese Communist Party in the war in Ukraine and explores how the United States and the West can strengthen the alliance of the free world against the threat of the Chinese Communist Party in the new Cold War landscape.

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