Second Chinese District Deemed ‘High Risk’

By Tiffany Meier

A second district in a northeastern Chinese province gets upgraded to high risk and Beijing tightens control measures ahead of the most important political event in China.

Fengman district in the northeastern Chinese city of Jilin was upgraded to “High-Risk” on May 17. It’s one of two “High-Risk Areas” in China right now. The other one is also in Jilin city. Eight medical teams made up of over 500 people were sent there to help.

The district issued an order to trace anyone who could have possibly been exposed to an infected person. Urging “no one should be left out.” No one is allowed into neighborhoods and villages for now.

Each household is only allowed to send one person out for shopping once per day. You can only leave home for medical care or emergencies. All gatherings are suspended and restaurants in this district can only serve takeout.

From May 17, all doctor offices and outpatient departments of hospitals in Jilin City are closed and all fever patients must now go to the fever department directly instead.

Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan went to Jilin province. Six local officials were then demoted because they allowed the situation to get so serious.