Secret Docs Destroyed by China; Trump Reacts to Steve Bannon Arrest: Sad; China’s Spy Program Exposed

The Three Gorges Dam is now facing its largest flood peak in history, and for the first time has opened all 11 discharge gates. This is taking place as the dam is under pressure from new flood waves on the Yangtze River at least double the size of the previous, and the current flood wave is at least double that of the previous—which had already raised concerns over whether the dam could hold.

In other news, The Epoch Times obtained an internal document from Daqing City’s foreign affairs bureau, which revealed local governments are pushing for a Pioneering Plan that includes the Hundred Talent Plan, a state-level version of the Thousand Talents Program.

And The Epoch Times received a leaked secret document from the China National Petroleum Corporation that details orders from China for its front organizations to destroy documents and “go underground.”

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