Seven Dilemmas Facing the Chinese Economy

Juliet Song
By Juliet Song
December 31, 2021China in Focus

China in Focus brings you an outlook of China in 2022. We go through the biggest China stories to watch out for in the coming year.

One of the most important things for the world to look out for is the slowing down of China’s economy. It matters so much because the country’s economy has been one of the Communist Party’s most effective tools—especially in proving its legitimacy to rule to the Chinese people and the international community.

Its power has proven so strong that concerns over its human rights abuses and lack of political freedom have largely been overlooked overseas.

Meanwhile, the Chinese regime is drastically reducing China’s contact with the rest of the world. They are isolating the country not just physically but also ideologically, and this trend may extend into next year.

A big question for 2022 and the following years is whether the Chinese regime will invade Taiwan. But what exactly could a Chinese invasion of Taiwan look like? A recent Reuters investigative report consulted military experts and listed out six potential scenarios. We took a look at each of them.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry is releasing its latest threat assessment. The report says a full-scale Chinese invasion of Taiwan would be extremely difficult for Beijing to pull off. We look at why that’s the case.

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