Shanghai Garbage Truck Transports COVID-19 Patients

A massive protest breaks out at an Apple factory in another fight between locals and authorities amid Shanghai’s strict lockdown.

A new mode of transportation for Shanghai’s virus patients: traveling by garbage truck. They’re being used amid a shortage of other vehicles, just like in Wuhan back in 2020.

Why is Beijing sticking to its “Zero-Cases” policy? We take a closer look.

China may not have been the only nation monitoring movement during the pandemic. Documents show the United States may have been doing the same.

And, should the United States reduce tariffs on Chinese goods? The Senate and President Joe Biden say yes. But pushback is mounting.

Topics in this episode:
Shanghai Garbage Truck Transports COVID-19 Patients
Q&A: Why China’s Insistence on Zero-COVID-19 Policy?
CDC Tracked Phones During COVID-19 Lockdowns
Divergent Views: Should the US Cut China Tariffs?
EU Lawmakers Decry Organ Harvesting in China
US Nuclear Commander Warns of Deterrence ‘Crisis’
Australia Pledges $1.44 Billion for XL-sized Submarines
China, Russia to Discuss Payment Systems
Russia Eyes Asia Amid EU Oil Ban: Analyst
53 Dead in China Building Collapse, Search Ends
Grapes Rot as China Blocks Australian Wine Imports

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