Shanghai Locals Protest Extended Lockdowns

Protests erupt in Shanghai. Residents there say they’ve had enough of the city’s restrictive lockdown rules.

Experts explain how vaccine passports and a cashless society could change the West for good. We look at how the Chinese Communist Party is connected.

Could China strike the United States without firing a single shot? We hear from a retired U.S. general about how it could happen, through unrestricted warfare.

We zoom in on China’s economy for a look at real estate, supply chains, and predictions from a prominent Chinese economist recently silenced on social media.

Topics in this episode:
Shanghai Blames ‘Offshore Forces’ for Local Protests
Disinformation Board and Vaccine Passports
Poll: Taiwanese Willing to Fight CCP Even Without US Help
Expert: Inside the CCP’s Strategy to Dominate the World Without Firing a Single Shot
Sales Plunge 42 Percent for China’s Top 3 Housing Companies
Outspoken Market Analyst Silenced on Social Media
Chinese Ports Locked Down, Supply Chains Hit

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