Shawn Steel: If Dems Win House, It Won’t Be by Much

Simone Gao: Can you tell me your overall assessment of the race right now? How likely do you think the Democrats will take the House? And what about the Senate?

Shawn Steel: Well, let’s start off with the good news. The U.S. Senate is going to have some big surprises with old-line, phony Democrats losing their seats. And we’re expecting maybe a loss of one seat but a pickup of five. So that’s a net gain of four. So we’re going to go from 51 senators to 55. That’s a big, big number, and much better people. We had troubles through the summer, but the Kavanaugh hearings, the talk about impeachment, and the roaring economy are the big three factors that’s helping us in middle America, particularly in the middle west. So that’s good news. The House is more problematic. We have 435 House seats in America. They’re all up for election. And there’s been a tremendous amount of hatred from mainstream media against Trump. They never wanted Trump to win. They never expected Trump would win. And now that he’s president and been extremely effective, they’re just losing their minds. For example, today the New York Times—today the New York Times published an article fantasizing about assassinating President Trump. With this age of violence and bombs or fake bombs, civility, the New York Times is no longer a journalistic publication. It is a violent propaganda piece. That means a lot of people are confused. The Democrats have to win 23 seats to control the House. If I had to bet, they might control it, they might get it, but it’s only going to be by less than 10 votes. Every seat that I see that’s up for contest, all the ones that are at risk for Republicans, it’s plus or minus three points. So it’s going to be just a feather toss or something very strange could change the elections. Republicans probably have a 40 percent chance—and I’m being candid—of winning the House. But the Democrats, if they win, it’s not going to win it by very much. And so it won’t give them that much power.