Shawn Steel: The Kavanaugh Hearings Hurt the Democrats

Simone Gao: Just a few weeks ago, the mainstream media reported that there seems to be a big blue wave coming, so they’re predicting the Democrats not only are gonna take the House, but possibly the Senate as well. But now that big blue wave seems to have gone. What happened?

Shawn Steel: Remember, most of American media, most of American entertainment, most of the high-tech community is decidedly to the left, essential anti-middle class, anti-middle American. So their hope was, historically, a new president always loses power in the first Congress in the first midterm. That’s been true for almost 100 years. It’s going to be different. We’re going to pick up strength in the Senate. We have an even shot in the House. So the blue wave turned out to be a blue ripple, if at all. What hurt the Democrats, particularly, is the Kavanaugh hearings for the Supreme Court of the United States. Democrats got so nasty, foul, unfair, and vicious, it turned an awful lot of average people. The bigger story is the 7,000 young men that are marching to the American border from Honduras. This is existential. This is a different type of level. It’s like a barbaric invasion that—well, let’s take some Chinese history. When the Mongols came to China, they didn’t ask permission, yet you built a great wall. But they kept coming. And they’re called a hoard, H-O-A-R-D. There are a number of—huge numbers of young warriors that are looking for fame and fortune and women, frankly, and they invade another civilization. They invade another country. We are now beginning to witness that coming in from Central America, and there’s a new group already forming in Honduras now. So there’s now two groups on the way to the U.S. This will continue for decades unless Trump can stop them at the border. So this is not just a temporary problem. It is a permanent invasion issue, and at the same time, we have 4 million legal, qualified people that want to come to America. Most of them are Asian, many of them Chinese, and they can’t come because of the illegals from south of the border. We want the legal immigrants. We need at least a million a year. Half of them are Asians. We want them. We need them. We need to have their energy, their talent, and their brains.

Simone Gao: The mainstream media’s coverage of President Trump is 92 percent negative. Do you think that has impacted his public approval rating?

Shawn Steel: That’s a great question. Of course it’s impacted his approval. People that don’t read the news, just sort of hear or they think, oh, nobody likes Trump, so I guess I don’t like him. But the days of mainstream media controlling American thought diminishes literally every day. There used to be three networks where 90 percent of Americans watched and got their news.  There are now hundreds. Epoch, NTD is another example of whole new media that millions of people listen to to get honest news. We’re seeing a revolution when it comes to news, so the mainstream media is less relevant and less influential. Secondly, most Americans in multiple polls don’t trust mainstream media. Most Americans now believe it is propaganda. And they are correct. Thirdly, Trump uses the Twitter, there are thousands of conservative websites and blogs that are putting out a completely different story. Most people that I know do not depend on the New York Times for news or ABC TV. They go to Drudge, they go to National Review, they go to Epoch, they go to NTD. They go to other sources for honest information. And that’s what’s happening. So their power is much weaker than it used to be.