Shen Yun Connects China’s History to San Jose Audience Members


Shen Yun Performing Arts started its 9-day run of shows at Center for the Performing Arts in San Jose on Dec. 19. Audiences praised the classical Chinese dance skills by the performers.

“Oh, it’s beautiful. The great choreography, it’s beautiful, and the technology with the backdrop, it’s incredible,” said John Vlay, chief executive officer and president of Jensen Corporate Holdings Inc. “Very relaxing, very comforting, and invigorating. The dancing was great.”

“I’m loving it. This is just wonderful. It’s everything I was expecting it to be,” said Linda Lamb, principal at Lamb Design Group. “The colors, just the vivaciousness of the performance is amazing.”

“I found it impressive. They’re remarkably talented, clearly well-trained, practiced a lot, and their movements are extraordinarily refined,” said Kevin Mahoney, a financial advisor at Financial Planning Association. “And they love what they do.”

According to its program book, the company’s mission is to revive traditional Chinese culture and showcase the inner spiritual core of its tradition, which encompasses the virtues such as benevolence, kindness, and honor.

“You see that connection between Heaven and Earth,” Lamb added. “And portrayed in the dance and the music very much so. Wonderful.”

”It was great. I learning a lot about the culture, the history, the original divinity coming down from heaven. It’s all put together really well.“ Vlay said.

“I really enjoyed learning so many things about the Chinese history and the customs,” said Jeannette Potts, co-founder Vista Urology and Pelvic Pain Partners at Vista Urology. “And I especially love the sense of humor. It’s a very universal appeal.”

NTD News, San Jose, California

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