Shen Yun ‘Magnificent,’ Says Florida Theater Professor


After seeing Shen Yun Performing Arts last week in Gainesville, Florida, some audience members with backgrounds in the performing arts said they were impressed by the dancers’ skill.

“It was absolutely beautiful,” said Judith Williams, a professor of acting and directing at the University of Florida. “The dance, the acting, the instrument that’s closest to the human voice, I thought it was just magnificent, the dancing, the costumes. It was lovely.”

“I loved the performance because I know the hard work and the dedication that it takes to put on a show like this,” said Sheryl Crosby, a former professional dancer. “It’s very difficult to have the coordination.”

Shen Yun showcases the unique dance styles from China’s ethnic minorities and uses Classical Chinese dance to tell stories from Chinese history. All the stories are told without words, with only the dancers’ movements and a live orchestra to convey the storyline.

“I loved the archer’s story, I liked particularly the early ones with the beautiful sleeves and more of the ancient culture and story that was my favorite,” said Williams.

“And one of the things that I was really impressed with is the chopstick dance. I don’t even see them touching. It’s so quick. And it’s so fluid and flowing,” said Crosby.

Chinese culture has roots in Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism. For some in the audience, it was the spiritual aspect of the performance that was most memorable.

“There were several moments of redemptive nature, and you know, we are to be one with God. And God has expectations of us,” said Bruce Tillman, the president of insurance agency Jordan Agency, Inc.

“The people, so culturally expressive, you know,” said Bob Denny, a psychology professor at Florida Gateway College.

“We are so much like, more like them. We are different and we really need to get people together more like this.”

Shen Yun is also performing in Orlando, West Palm Beach, and Miami, Florida.

NTD News, Gainesville, Florida

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